Flight (2012)

Flight (2012)
  • Time: 138 min
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Robert Zemeckis
  • Cast: Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Don Cheadle


Whip Whitfield is a commuter airline pilot. While on a flight from Orlando to Atlanta something goes wrong and the plane starts to fly erratically. With little choice Whip crashes the plane. When he wakes up in the hospital, he learns some of the passengers and crew died. His friend at the airline introduces him to a lawyer who tells him there’s a chance he could face criminal charges because it seems they did a blood test and he tested positive for drugs and alcohol. He denies being impaired so while an investigation is underway, he is told to keep his act together. But he continues to drink.


  • Nice movie! Interesting story from the beginning till the end. The first peace is spectacular and full of action, afterwards it’s more about dialogues. The story of ‘Flight’ is emotionally gripping and well-written. The acting of Denzel Washington is very good, and I also liked the role of John Goodman. Conclusion: great movie all the way!

  • “WARNING” Spoilers from the start of this review:

    This is not the normal Disaster Movie, that you may think it is from the title and the front cover:

    However, Denzel Washington could be the only Actor with the will, skill and guts to make this very difficult film believable.

    This is a very powerful and sobering film, about how Drink and drugs affect YOU, & everyone around you, and I recommend it to anyone as a lesson Learnt the Hard way.

    As a Virtual Airliner Pilot, and also being in many air Combat groups online,& visiting Manchester Airport in the summer months,I am obviously aware of Aviation matters, not least of some reports in the media recently where pilots have nodded off!
    So Lets back track a little, to the actual cause of the Incident:

    obviously some of the science is debatable, but, the majority of the incident is Factual:

    After taking off in the two engined jet passenger plane, it hits severe turbulence, during a heavy storm, After pushing the planes engines to the limit, actually over limit, what we call “Overspeed” in Aviation circles, its climbs at an alarming rate, to get above the storm. This in turn weakens an already damaged rear Tail Elevator assembly, so When a part of it fails, the Elevator is stuck in the down position, this in turn forces the Plane to descend rapidly. The thinking behind the inverted Maneuver , by flying the plane upside down, is to allow the force which is pushing the plane down to reverse, the force, so that theoretically, the Stuck Elevator is now providing some upward thrust, allowing it some leveling off the descent, before pilot Righted the aircraft to its normal position to make a heavy controlled glide into a Field, causing a far less serious crash that it may have been.

    The actual drama however, is quite shocking, to how far Airline’s and interested parties will go to cover, lie & deceit, find ways around the toxicology report on Washington. Hes a man hell bent on destruction of himself and quite a few who are fighting in his corner, But like all addicts, he despises their efforts, thinks hes perfectly in control most of the time, which he isnt. he is in denial, believes he has the right to be drunk before even boarding the Aircraft.

    The reality really kicks in at the official NTSB hearing, which is is big as it gets. He lies mostly through that, to the delight of his Aides (Cheadle & Greenwood), But, he was confronted, by evidence in the galley, of two empty Vodka bottles, that could only have been opened by the cabin crew, to his surprise, The chief Investigator points to the woman Stewardess, katerina, as having previous drink problems, and asks him directly, if he believed she had consumed them? Ultimately, The vision of the attractive stewardess, on the rooms Monitor, who perished, makes our Hero so uncomfortable, he knows its time to stop telling lies, and after stumbling over some words, he makes the only decent decision in almost the entire film, he admits he drank the bottles, not her, he admits to drinking days before the flight, He admits hes a mess, in charge of flying 102 souls aboard a jet Liner. yes, he went to jail, which was the only correct outcome, for such a breach of conduct, but, although the film is criticized as being mournful, at the end of talking to inmates in prison about his experiences, his Son comes to visit him, and a reconciliation could be on the cards once hes done his time. A superb glimpse into the morality & legality, of Airlines,& shipping lines, how they go about fixing evidence against them by dubious tricks and red tape.

    A must watch film! ( But should have 18 certificate, the content is way to disturbing for its 15 rating )

  • The film was actually inspired by a real life disaster, which involved the crash of “Alaska Airlines 261”, where like in the film; the pilot had to roll the plane to an inverted position in order to stabilize it. Nonetheless unlike in the film, this action didn’t help them to save the aircraft.

    Right from the start we are put into the driver’s seat (or should I say cockpit) where we first-hand experience how problems arise during the plane ride and how the pilot as well as the crew deal with them. After the crash we see some convincing CGI before we start our in-depth character study of pilot Whip Whitaker.

    Read full review here – https://theblackholecorner.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/flight/

  • Top class. An excellent film about the struggle of a person who is fighting against his addiction. The plane crash is actually not the main topic of the film. It’s only there to lure people to the cinema because it looks so spectacular. The SE department has also been able to flex its muscles. Is this the only thing that fascinates you ? Well I’m sure you’ll the rest is just too soft.

    But the strength of this film is the other main topic with the admirable performance of Denzel Washington who realistically represents the archetype of an alcoholic. For people who experienced the same thing and found themselves in such a phase, there are many points that are so characteristic and recognizable. Others will call it a fake alcoholic or that it’s just a pathetic hassle about addiction.

    Denzel Washington shows what such a person needs to go through : the shame, a dissolute life, realizing they have a problem, the helpless feeling and the lack of strength to fight it and to resist the urge. These are small things that indicate that Denzel has studied the matter. Like knowing up to the minute how long he has been sober. The feeling of guilt and shame at an AA meeting. And then leaving the meeting with the attitude that only losers are sitting there. And then, there’s the hand coming back into the picture just to take that bottle. Asking a colleague at a funeral to lie a little bit, shows how low such a person can sink.

    The fact that he’s the pilot who can keep a plane under control during a crash in such a way that the number of victims remains limited, is just a lever to reveal his years of drinking. He might as well have driven a three-wheeler against a lamppost to achieve the same result, but those images would not be so spectacular. And trust me, the end isn’t moralizing but shows how someone still can change his life and at the same time that of those who surround him.

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