Everybody’s Fine (2009)

Everybody’s Fine (2009)
  • Time: 99 min
  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
  • Director: Kirk Jones
  • Cast: Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale


Frank Goode lives by himself in Elmira, NY, a recent widower with heart trouble, retired from a factory job, proud of having pushed his adult children toward success. In the summer, all four kids bail on a reunion, so, against doctor’s orders, Frank decides to surprise each with a visit. He sets out to see his artist son in New York City, his daughter the ad exec in Chicago, his son the conductor on tour and presently in Denver, and his daughter who’s a performer in Vegas. None are as he imagines or hopes. Will they let him see themselves as they are, and can this dad adapt?

One comment

  • “Everybody’s Fine” is not a fast paced film and much of its impact relies on what the characters don’t say rather than what they do. Robert De Niro does a superb job with the character Frank Goode, portraying him as a tired old man whose need to see his children comes into direct conflict with his natural desire to try and direct their lives. The others are also good in what their roles require of them. I would recommend this to anyone looking to enjoy a good story that is wonderfully told. There are some funny parts, there are some sad parts, there are some really meaningful personal resolutions and it is all told very artfully. It makes you think and appreciate your family more…

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