Der Untergang (2004)

Der Untergang (2004)
  • Time: 156 min
  • Genre: Biography | Drama | History
  • Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
  • Cast: Bruno Ganz, Juliane Köhler, Alexandra Maria Lara


In April of 1945, Germany stands at the brink of defeat with the Soviet Armies closing in from the west and south. In Berlin, capital of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler proclaims that Germany will still achieve victory and orders his Generals and advisers to fight to the last man. “Downfall” explores these final days of the Reich, where senior German leaders (such as Himmler and Goring) began defecting from their beloved Fuhrer, in an effort to save their own lives, while still others (Joseph Goebbels) pledge to die with Hitler. Hitler, himself, degenerates into a paranoid shell of a man, full of optimism one moment and suicidal depression the next. When the end finally does comes, and Hitler lies dead by his own hand, what is left of his military must find a way to end the killing that is the Battle of Berlin, and lay down their arms in surrender.

One comment

  • I saw this movie some months ago, in cold mid winter, with great expectations propelled by friends of mine. It all proved true.

    This is absolutely, with no competitor coming close whatsoever, the most impressive movie on the Second World War. Really there’s no spoiler to give away in this comment, as everyone will know about the last few days of the War. World class acting by Bruno Ganz makes the story of Hitler’s last days in his Berlin bunker the most impressive and personal account of this history to date.

    Peculiar enough several comments in international media on the movie in the weeks after it was released noted that Ganz had given Hitler a much too personal and friendly face, but this makes me wonder what personalities are liked by the reviewers. I have hardly ever seen a more disturbing personal deterioration as Ganz gives away for his performance of Hitler!

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