Dante’s Peak (1997)

Dante’s Peak (1997)
  • Time: 108 min
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller
  • Director: Roger Donaldson
  • Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Jamie Renée Smith

Volcanologist Harry Dalton comes to the sleepy town of Dante’s Peak to investigate the recent rumblings of the dormant volcano the burg is named for. Before long, his worst fears are realized when a massive eruption hits, and immediately, Harry, the mayor and the townspeople find themselves fighting for their lives amid a catastrophic nightmare.

One comment

  • “Dante’s Peak” is a typical movie with both strengths, weaknesses and a good plot. This movie has strengths when coming to the volcanic effects, they looked very realistic. The plot of this film was intriguing but also had its downsides. A rewarding part of “Dante’s Peak” was the tension that was gradually progressing throughout the movie. This was just enough to keep the viewer engaged and want to see the ending. Despite the movie being quite good there were parts I thought that could have been much better. I didn’t like the way the movie jumped about so quickly from one thing to another and you were left wondering what happened during all those parts that the movie didn’t show. And finally I would have also liked to see more of the volcano erupting because it only showed a little of it. Although this movie is good, I felt more action could have spiced up things much, much more.

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