Cry-Baby (1990)

Cry-Baby (1990)
  • Time: 85 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Musical
  • Director: John Waters
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Amy Locane, Susan Tyrrell


“Drape” (or Greaser) Wade Walker, also known as Cry-Baby for his ability to shed a single tear, falls head over heels for square Allison Vernon-Williams who, incidentally, is tired of being good.Allison is a “square” good girl who has decided she wants to be bad and falls hard for Cry-Baby Walker, a “Drape” (or Greaser).Spoofing Elvis movies and Juvenile Delinquency scare films of the ’50s, this movie follows the adventures of Cry-Baby who, after he is sent to juvie and released, is determined to cross class (and taste) boundaries to get Allison back.

One comment

  • John Waters has outdone himself with this one. I knew going in I’d like it having seen others of his works and besides I pretty much like most of the talent. Johnny Depp is among my top favorites and as far as I’m concerned he elevates any film with his talent. But what surprised me was how much fun ‘Cry-baby’ was. Like I said – one giant grin from beginning to end. The music is fantastic, the singing is fantastic, the acting, the scenery, the dialog, all of it — fantastic! Who knew? Johnny Depp can sing, Iggy Pop can dance, and as for Amy Locane, what a surprise! Not only can she dance and sing but she can act too. Another standout is Traci Lords who must certainly silence her critics with her performance.

    The movie does go dark midway and I guess Waters couldn’t help inject some social commentary when after the drapes and the squares rumble in the park the former go to jail while the latter go free. That dampens the initial jubilant and care-free mood considerably but I guess this conflict was necessary in order to make the resolution more fulfilling. Or I guess that’s how Waters saw it. In any case the singing and dancing just goes on and it’s all just fantastic!

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