Crank: High Voltage (2009)

Crank: High Voltage (2009)
  • Time: 96 min
  • Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime
  • Directors: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
  • Cast: Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam


Chev Chelios survives a fall from the sky, sort of. He’s in an unknown location, sedated, while various Chinese are harvesting his organs. His heart is gone, in an ice chest; a temporary in its place. Chev escapes, knowing only the name of the guy with the ice chest. He calls Doc Miles, an unlicensed cardiologist, who tells him there’s only an hour’s life in the artificial heart: keep it charged. Chev needs to find his own heart and get to Doc for a transplant. He starts his time-limited pursuit of shadowy figures, the ice chest, and his heart aided by Eve, Rei, and Venus – a stripper, a prostitute, and a pal with Tourette’s – constantly needing an electric charge to keep going.

One comment

  • I absolutely loved the first Crank. It was full of action and humor. It kept you on the seat of your pants the whole time. The second one? Horrible. If you’re looking for a second Crank like the first, don’t watch this one. It was horrible with the “special effects” they added. When he was just running down the street, they would flip back and forth from different images making it totally annoying and ruining the moment. It was cheesy. What was up with the scene with giant characters fighting?? That was one of the most ridiculous moments ever. And then you’re in the middle of watching the movie and they put up different colored words on the screen that circle around and it jumps to 30 years ago. I was so excited to see this movie, and it ended up a waste of time. I just wanted to shut off the movie. Why would you go and take a great first movie and ruin it. I’m so glad I did not spend money to see this in a theater. I sincerely hope they don’t make another Crank. If they do, they need to revert it back to the original movie. If it’s anything like the second, I see a box office bomb waiting to happen. I can’t even begin to describe how unhappy I am with this movie.

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