Cold Mountain (2003)

Cold Mountain (2003)
  • Time: 154 min
  • Genre: Drama | Romance | War
  • Director: Anthony Minghella
  • Cast: Jude Law, Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger

“Cold Mountain” tells the story of a wounded Confederate soldier named Inman who struggles on a perilous journey to get back home to Cold Mountain, N.C. as well as to Ada, the woman he left behind before going off to fight in the Civil War. Along the way, he meets a long line of interesting and colorful characters, while back at home, Ada is learning the ropes of managing her deceased father’s farm with Ruby, a scrappy drifter who assists and teaches Ada along the way.

One comment

  • I had high expectations for this film, but “Cold Mountain” was very disappointing and overblown to me. Ok, there’s a certain amount of nice scenic photography in this film, but the script was extremely boring and way too long. If you like Civil War movies, there are better ones out there, and there are plenty of better love stories that actually have happy endings, unlike this awful film. The love story between Nicole Kidman (definitely too old for this part) and Jude Law has no real explanation. The one bright spot is Renée Zellweger, who gives the film some welcome comic relief. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, it’s just not worth your time.

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