City of Angels (1998)

City of Angels (1998)
  • Time: 114 min
  • Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Romance
  • Director: Brad Silberling
  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Meg Ryan, Colm Feore, Andre Braugher


Seth is an angel who accompanies the spirits of the recently dead to the ever after. Seth has never been human and so has has never experienced touch or taste. When in the hospital however he comes across Dr. Maggie Rice, a brilliant young heart surgeon who is devoted to her profession and her patients. Seth has the power to let himself be seen but Maggie finds him far too mysterious. Seth also meets a patient, Nathaniel Messinger, who has news for him – he too was once an angel like Seth but chose to fall to Earth and become human. Seth makes a decision on his future, which does not turn out as he had expected.

One comment

  • What would happen if an angel fell in love with one of us? Would he shuffle off his immortal coil and let himself fall into earth? Or would he love from afar and wait until his love joined him in heaven? That is the premise of City of Angels, a pleasant if ultimately unsatisfying love story.

    Nicolas Cage stars as Seth, one of the many angels that roam Los Angeles, the “City of Angels.” As an angel, it is his duty to listen to people’s thoughts and comfort those in need. He cannot, however, interfere with their fates.

    Enter Dr. Maggie Rice (well-played by Meg Ryan), a heart surgeon badly unsettled by a patient’s death on her operating table. Seth, who is there to help the patient go gently into that good night, is instantly smitten with Maggie. He appears to her in human form and Maggie soon finds herself entranced and disturbed by this gentle man with no past. Seth, deeply overwhelmed with her and his entrance into the human world, considers trading his immortality for an actual human life.

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