Child’s Play (1988)

Child’s Play (1988)
  • Time: 87 min
  • Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller
  • Director: Tom Holland
  • Cast: Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon, Brad Dourif, Alex Vincent


When Charles Lee Ray needs to get quick escape from cop Mike Norris, he takes his soul and buries it into playful, seemingly good guy doll Chucky. Little does he know a little boy by the name of Andy Barclay will be the new owner of him soon-to-come. Charles confides in Andy while he commits numerous murders. Once the adults accept Andy’s story as truth, it’s too late.

One comment

  • Watching this film was like watching the original Dead Silence (2007). I say this because for the beginning of this movie, Chucky is silent and creates the fear and has us wonder what really lurks inside the “good guy” doll. Even for its time it can scare the living crap out of anyone. So what if it’s dated, Chucky is a terrifying creation and no matter what, it will give the desired scares.

    So how does this “good guy” doll become such a horrific killer? Well it is almost like possession except it’s not with a real body. Catherine Hicks plays the mother of her son Andy played by Alex Vincent. Andy is the sweetest kid you could find; innocent and although he acts just like a normal kid, he has respect for his mother and what she does for him and that’s what gives him his cuteness. I feel that Alex Vincent is the best actor in this film. For the most part Andy keeps his cool but even when he started to cry, I felt like crying, he was that good.

    Although the effects in this film are dated, I feel that they work really well. Everything from the way Chucky walks, his facial expressions, his eye movement, they all make him look very life-like. What’s even more interesting is that as Chucky is more and more on screen, the more human he becomes; and not just because he is told that, but by his looks. Look at him closely as the film progresses to its finale. You’ll understand what I mean. I’ll say this as a clue, if you were to compare the differences between the “good guy” version and Chucky’s end result, they are nothing alike.

    What I like most about this movie is the whole atmosphere. The way the story is set up is just too good to set aside. The dialog is memorable and so is the musical score by Joe Renzetti. Almost each moment carries the emotions of fear and dread. Those kinds of soundtracks can really freak people out. I feel that if this were to be left out, this movie would not as scary. Adding to the effect is how no one believes Andy that Chucky is alive. This creates even more fear because how is this little kid going to convince everyone he’s not crazy? They will soon find out.

    This film has a lot really great moments that makes it hard to comprehend that this was made in the 1980s. With director Tom Holland at the wheel, Child’s Play is considered a classic horror film.

    Points Earned –> 8:10

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