Changing Lanes (2002)

Changing Lanes (2002)
  • Time: 99 min
  • Genre: Drama | Thriller
  • Director: Roger Michell
  • Cast: Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson, Sydney Pollack

A rush-hour fender bender on New York City’s crowded FDR Drive, under most circumstances, wouldn’t set off a chain reaction that could decimate two people’s lives. But on this day, at this time, a minor collision will turn two complete strangers into vicious adversaries. Their means of destroying one another might be different, but their goals, ultimately, will be the same: Each will systematically try to dismantle the other’s life in a reckless effort to reclaim something he has lost. Late for court, high powered attorney Gavin Banek is weaving through heavy traffic. In a different lane is Doyle Gipson, a father whose right to see his children rests on the decision of a judge with a full docket and no time to spare. On the surface, Banek and Gipson are two very different men: one is struggling away from rock bottom. But a minor accident will drive these two strangers to the brink of self-destruction, and prove that rage can equalize any playing field when men turn into beasts.

One comment

  • A very good movie, with a lot more depth than you’d think from the trailers alone. From the previews, I thought “Changing Lanes” was just going to be about two grown men acting like 12 year-olds, and in a way it is like that, but by the end of the movie the two men have grown (mentally) a great deal and realize what is truly important and what is right. The acting of Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck is very good for both of the main characters. The whole film is tight and plays out through only a single day. I thought the film did a great job of keeping me interested. In short: I could recommend this movie to all of you.

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