Blue Jasmine (2013)

Blue Jasmine (2013)
  • Time: 98 min
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Woody Allen
  • Cast: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Sally Hawkins


Blue Jasmine, with Cate Blanchett as Jasmine, focuses on a woman who has reasons to be sad. Jasmine is elegant, sophisticated, has rich tastes and loves a carefree rich life. She is full of love for her husband Hal ( Alec Baldwin) who is handsome,sophisticated, wealthy, a womanizer, and a swindler. Jasmine’s sister Ginger who is in San Francisco does not share her parents nor her genes. Both Jasmine and Ginger , born to different sets of parents, were adopted by the same family. There is nothing in common between the Jasmine and Ginger. Ginger, mother of 2, a recent divorcée is happy to have a hard working, honest, construction worker as her boyfriend. When Jasmine’s world falls apart in NY, she flies to SF to live with Ginger for moral support. Jasmine is an emotional wreck and has to fight angels and demons in her life.


  • In 1951, Elia Kazan’s classic movie A Streetcar Named Desire was released. It was an adaptation of a play and it featured revolutionary amazing acting. It won 4 Oscars (3 for acting) and it got many more nominations. A Streetcar Named Desire is highly admired even today. More than half a century later, Woody Allen made his Blue Jasmine. Blue Jasmine, while certainly not being a remake or an update of A Streetcar, has many elements that can also be found in that 50′s masterpiece. Unfortunately, it is almost positive that Woody’s latest movie won’t achieve the status of a classic, 50 years from now. However, that doesn’t mean that Blue Jasmine is a bad movie. Quite the contrary, it is a rather good movie that deserves your time.

    Blue Jasmine follows Jasmine French (Cate Blanchett) – who changed her name from Janette – in two separate timelines. One timeline, mostly through flashbacks, depicts Jasmine’s former life: she was happily married to a rich man named Hal (Alec Baldwin), went to parties, had everything she wanted and was satisfied with herself. This timeline was not present in A Streetcar Named Desire, and it’s the greatest difference between these two movies. The other timeline depicts Jasmine’s life on the present day: she is poor, she has nowhere to go so she turns to her sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins) who lives in San Francisco, she had a nervous breakdown because it turned out that her seemingly perfect husband Hal was a thief and a cheat and she lost everything she had. Therefore, Jasmine wants to begin a new life in Frisco.

    The first thing worth mentioning is that Blue Jasmine is not a comedy and is much closer to Woody’s more serious movies (Match Point, Interiors, Another Woman) than to his lighthearted ones. Of course, there are few jokes here and there but nothing really notable. Blue Jasmine is a pure drama and, frankly, it is very good. Woody’s writing and directing is good as ever as he smoothly intertwines the two timelines in one story. I’m pretty sure he’ll get an Academy Award nomination for both directing and writing. And talking about Academy Awards, I must compliment the one person who is certainly getting a nomination, and quite possibly winning the award – Cate Blanchett. Blanchett is the jewel of this movie. She shows her incredible acting range while performing as the multi-layered character Jasmine. The role of Jasmine was a pretty tough role to play, there are so many (sometimes even contradictory) aspects of her to portray and Blanchett did it masterfully. I’d suggest that Cate start working on her acceptance speech! The rest of the crew did a good job, too. Sally Hawkins is another actress in the cast who might recieve a nomination for her portrayal of Jasmine’s sweet sister Ginger. Bobby Cannavale did fine as Chili, the counterpart of Brando’s character in Streetcar, although his character was much more likeable than Brando’s. Also, it was nice to see Louis C.K. starring in a pure drama, even though he didn’t have much screen time.

    I think it’s safe to say that Woody made yet another great movie and that his days are not through. Nonetheless, like I said before, I doubt that Blue Jasmine will be remembered in 50 years and it surely won’t be regarded as Woody’s best work to date. Despite all that, Blue Jasmine is still a beautiful, thought-provoking and, essentially, a very good movie, Considering how bad this year has been for movies up until now, I’m glad that Woody made me spend one wonderful evening watching Blue Jasmine.

    Rating: 8/10

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  • I have to say, altough I’m not a great fan of Woody Allen, I was expecting a lot from “Blue Jasmine”… Unfortunately, in my opinion there is nothing remotely interesting about this movie or most of the people in it. The actors all did a decent job of playing the rolls they were given, especially Cate Blanchett was extremely good, but the script was uninspiring and the story just lame and pointless. I am told that this film is promoted as a comedy, which it certainly isn’t: there is very little humour in it. Really nothing gripped me about this film at all! What could have been a very good film remains simply annoying. Overrated is the right word…

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