Blended (2014)

Blended (2014)
  • Time: 117 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Frank Coraci
  • Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Terry Crews


Jim and Lauren are single parents who are set up on a blind date but it’s a disaster. Jim has three daughters and is a widower who is still not quite over his dead wife. Lauren’s divorced with two boys who are a handful because her ex is unreliable. They run into each other when they are buying things for their children. Jim goes to Lauren’s when they got each other’s credit card. While there, Lauren’s friend, Jen shows up freaking out that her boyfriend wants her to be his children’s step-mother. She decides not to go on the vacation to Africa they were suppose to go on. And it seems like Jim knows her boyfriend and asks him to sell him the trip and Jen wants Lauren to go and she thinks it would be a good way to make up for ex ditching her sons, again. When she goes there, she’s shocked to see Jim and even more shocked to see they’re all in a suite. They learn that they’re part of a gathering for blended families. Lauren helps his daughters because he treats them like boys and they are going through some changes. And Jim helps her sons like one of them is having trouble with sports.


  • Sensational! I haven’t laughed so hard in years. Non-stop comedy. The story was great considering there are only so many outcomes to these types of romantic comedies, even though I knew where it was going I had a wonderful time getting there. It’s the journey that counts and this movie has it all. More Sandler and Barrymore! They complement each other so well. Must see 9/10. The music was sprinkled in just right, and the punchlines kept catching me off guard, leaving my funny bone exposed the whole time. I am really hoping for a part 2 for this movie. Grown-ups 2 was: ehh-funny. How about 50 First weddings or just 50 first dates 2? Anyway, they need to give this story another go! There’s only so much I can say without including spoilers. I’ve always loved Sandlers movies but I was truly skeptical about this one, not sure why. I gave it a shot and I am beyond pleased and satisfied. Any more compliments and they’ll have to start paying me. Just watch it, Blended is a funny movie, so funny that I had to put up a review and try to spread the word!

  • Personally, I never get tired of films where family values, humor and LOVE play a prominent role. Sandler might not make Oscar-worthy films, but he sure knows how to depict the important things in life.

    Barrymore and Sandler (with his loyal, ever following cast) make a great team. The children are amazing as well. They express happiness, bitter sweet sorrow and pure hilarity as though they’ve been acting for decades. Hats of to the entirety of the cast!

    In an era where our cinemas and televisions are inundated with violence, this film truly is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

    Even if you dislike Sandler, give this flick a shot. It will certainly bring a smile to your face.

  • “Blended” was surprisingly good and touching. I actually enjoyed this show, it was a decent enough romantic comedy. There were some good laughs, maybe a little silly at times, but enjoyable. The two stars, Sandler & Barrymore, have some proved chemistry. The humor of some of their scenes were classic. I also liked the character of Terry Crews, he was very funny. The location was stunning, the kids were fun, the supporting cast worked well to make this a cohesive storyline. And, while the story was predictable enough that you could tell where it was going, it was fresh enough to make watching how it gets there enjoyable, with a few surprises. Not going to win any awards but if you are looking for a movie that is fun, this will do. Definitely a movie for a good pick-me-up on a lazy day.

  • Grown Ups 2, Adam Sandler’s last film, was a huge bust despite raking in over $130 million in the box office, receiving a disgusting 7% on the Tomatometer from Rotten Tomatoes. You actually have to go back all the way to 2009 for a live action film of Sandler’s that got over 20% which was Funny People that got a score of 68%. In Blended, Adam Sandler puts aside his “Grown Up” pals and teams up with Drew Barrymore again. This duo has brought us some of my favorite Sandler films such as The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, but can they give us another hit or will Sandler deliver another bust?

    Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and Jim (Adam Sandler) are two single parents looking to rekindle their love life after 20 years of marriage. Lauren and Jim end up going on a blind date with each other at Hooters and things couldn’t go any worse, leaving them both to believe that they are just better off single. The two never want to see each other again but unfortunately for them, that is not how fate works out. Turns out, both families end up going on the same African safari resort for spring break. Will their African journey make the two families kill each other or will it unite them?

    Blended is a romantic comedy in which Adam Sandler hopes he can take a step in the right direction when it comes to making hits again. Two single parents with a combined five children makes it seem a little Brady Bunch-esque, but unlike Mike and Carol Brady these parents are dysfunctional and not the best at parenting in general. Adam Sandler has proven himself to be a successful romantic comedy lead but has also shown us he can be that shouting, immature man-child. Which happens to be the films biggest problem; it doesn’t know which Sandler they want to give us. Despite giving us two different Sandlers at times, we see the chemistry we love in his past films with Drew Barrymore. There’s just something about Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler on the big screen together that just creates magic. In the middle of the film, the two actors meet up accidentally for a morning cup of coffee. Not much is said besides them talking about their respective children and gazing at the scenery. Words are at a minimum but the chemistry is at a high. Really makes you wonder, why it has been ten years since the duo has teamed up to make another film? The scene ends with two rhinos having intercourse – que in the second Sandler.

    Usually the cameos in Adam Sandler’s films are highlights but this time around most of them are just duds. Joel McHale, Kevin Nealon, Shaquille O’Neal and Terry Crews all make cameos but the only one worth talking about is Crews. But then after his fifth musical number it gets tiring. Sandler does pay homage to his past films with Barrymore by throwing in two character cameos from their past films. Shockingly, even with all the negatives that Blended consists of, the film isn’t all that bad. Yes, the acting from the children was not the best, Sandler’s goof ball comedy ruins scenes at times and some moments that happen to be too silly, but there are jokes, believe it or not, that are actually laugh out loud funny. Try your hardest to hold it in, but you will laugh. Perhaps if Sandler just stayed with the successful romantic comedy lead side instead of his comedian side, the film could have been better, but the end result is quite charming. I wouldn’t recommend going to theaters to see this film, it’s best that you wait until the film hits Netflix or On Demand to have a family movie night just to see this one. Be cautious when you do decide to see this film with your young ones as there is an overload of masturbation and sex jokes.

  • “I got a girl for you. A blond girl from my dance class. Slightly chubby. But when you start to move, all that is worth it. That big woman can make you move like a hurricane”

    Are you a sucker for romantic comedies? Or movies where everything goes wrong and in the end the whole situation miraculously recovers ? Or a film in which a rather geeky-looking daughter suddenly transforms into a fairy-like lady, after which some sad sack who at first didn’t have any interest, suddenly starts chasing her with his slobbering tongue to the floor? Or such a nonsense comedy with really lame jokes ? Even summarized they barely manage to conjure a smile on your face. Or are you looking forward to that particular film where again there’s someone in it with the name Dick, and you already know in advance what roguish jokes are about to be made? Hallelujah! Then “Blended” really is a movie that fits you because it includes all these features and you’ll save some time. No need to look for all the specific movies and see them all, because they (the geniuses) put everything in this movie. Briljant.

    Adam Sandler. Yes, popular in America. However, he’s not on my list of favorite comedians. I always feel as if he is reluctant to act and then makes up some insipid one-liners to satisfy everyone. A little smile here and there happens occasionally. But tears from laughing while watching a Sandler’s movie is nonexistent. I even think that a night of watching Sandler-movies could have a disastrous medical affect on me. Chronic diarrhea or an acute swoon …

    “Blended” is such a predictable feel-good movie where two single people meet each other, can’t stand each other and find each other in the end, so everybody can fall in each other’s arms. A happy ending with a capital “H”. The chemistry between the two is absent at the beginning. Of course this is caused by a series of misunderstandings as you’ll notice after wards. By a twist of fate (Dick turns out to have a lot of kids. Did you notice the subtle association between this fact and his first name ?) they both go on a trip to South Africa for a restful holiday with the whole family. That’s the first positive thing I can say about this movie. The images of this adventurous and primitive Africa are gorgeous. The African Savannah with its wildlife and its beautiful sunsets. But for such images I can turn on the TV and watch something like National Geographics.

    To their surprise they bump into each other of course. They are required to share the same suite and also have diner together at the same table. Obviously at that table sits a typical couple that always appears in this type of film: one, probably divorced, noisy guy of mature age accompanied by a young wench with a bosom where there’s enough space for a few flower pots and therefore the need of a balcony is superfluous at the apartment. Of course these two attachments shake around a lot and is a joy for one of the two sons who’s in the “nude-magazines-under-the-bed” phase. And then we are ready for a series of embarrassing situations, childish fart jokes, endearing cuddles with cute teenage girls, the required human emotional bonding that develop gradually and a happy ending where everything falls into the fold.

    The most annoying item in this film: the appearance of the African crooner Nickens all the time. Especially the one during the basketball game was really an embarrassment. They look like a bunch of Muppets, who pop up whether relevant or not and start singing a song related to the situation. I would have tied them to an elephant, cram a huge rocket in the butt of the elephant, light it real fast so it’ll disappear soon into the bush with that tricked orchestra.

    Most positive thing in the whole movie: the appearance of Drew Barrymore. She acts as if it’s self-evident and looks so charming all the time. Not everybody is blessed with those qualities. She still has that sweet face like she had in “ET”. And I have to admit that Sandler and her make a cute couple.

    I can be brief about Sandler. He’s an imitation of himself. He plays the same character role in all his films over and over again : a clumsy pathetic guy who sounds sometimes boorish, but ultimately his dry humor and his seemingly fragile personality manages to please members of the female sex. A repetition in other words. And that’s something that is invariably misused in this film: endlessly repeating the same lame joke (bumping an innocent head, mispronouncing Sandler’s name …) until you want to scream to the screen “Yeaaaaah, we get it … ! “.

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