Bedazzled (2000)

Bedazzled (2000)
  • Time: 93 min
  • Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance
  • Director: Harold Ramis
  • Cast: Brendan Fraser, Elizabeth Hurley, Frances O’Connor


Elliot Richards, a socially incompetent technical advisor working at a call-center, has had a crush on Alison Gardner for nearly four years. One evening, which already started particularly bad for Elliot, she ditches him. Elliot wishes for her to be in his life with all his heart – and is heard. An incredibly beautiful young lady addresses Elliot, and after introducing herself as the Devil, Lucifer, the Princess of Darkness, she offers him a deal: Seven wishes for him, his Soul for her. Quickly, Elliot is convinced and accepts. But every wish he gets fulfilled has massive disadvantages as well, and soon Elliot wants to get out of the contract. The only thing that matters to him now is being able to take his chances by himself.

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