American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005)

American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005)
  • Time: 87 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Steve Rash
  • Cast: Arielle Kebbel, Tad Hilgenbrinck, Eugene Levy


The original American Pie characters have moved on, except for Sherman and Jim Levenstein’s still understanding dad. Steve Stifler’s little brother Matt wants to join his brother’s business (the hit it big Girls Gone Wild) and after everything Matt has heard from Jim’s band-geek wife Michelle, he plans to go back to band camp and make a video of his own: Bandies Gone Wild!

One comment

  • Well, I liked the first three “American Pie”-movies, but this one was a disappointment. Ok, it had its funny moments, but it was not enough to make a good and funny movie. I also missed the original cast, and that’s why I never had the feeling I was watching an “American Pie”-movie. None of the funny characters in the previous movies are present, but are replaced with one character (Stifler’s little brother) who really isn’t funny, just a poor copy of his brother, and all the other characters that aren’t funny at all. I wonder why they made this…

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