American Beauty (1999)

American Beauty (1999)
  • Time: 122 min
  • Genre: Drama
  • Director: Sam Mendes
  • Cast: Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch


Lester Burnham is in a mid-life crisis, caused by his stressed wife Carolyn and rebelling teenage daughter Jane. When Lester and Carolyn go watch Jane cheerleading, they meet Angela Hayes, and Lester, caught in sudden lust for Angela, decides to change his life. Angela’s and Jane’s friendship is not all it seems, too, because Angela only brags about how many times she’s done it with guys and stuff. That doesn’t help an already insecure Jane very much but she finds solace in the arms of the next-door-neighbors’ son, Ricky Fitts. Ricky, himself from a broken home as well, and Jane find they have a lot in common and eventually turn out to be soulmates.


  • “American Beauty” is considered as one of the greatest movies ever. Of course the reviews are generally pretty good. Despite this, I’m one of the guys who didn’t like this film. There was nothing entertaining about this movie, and it was really boring. If you want a movie that is perverted and plot less, watch “American Beauty”. If not, there are millions of better ones out there. But that’s only my opinion of course, I’m sure there will be a lot of people who will disagree with me…

  • Forty-two-year old Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) masturbates in the shower. “This will be the high point of my day,” he voiceovers. He’s not kidding. He would seem to have everything — the beautiful wife and daughter, a great job, even a house with a white picket fence. But look closer — he’s on the verge of being fired, his formerly happy wife Carolyn (Annette Bening) has become a frigid bitch and his daughter Jane (Thora Birch) is distant, angry and confused.

    Lester shares that he will be dead in one year but, really, he’s already been dead for a better part of his life. Suddenly, enter Angela (Mena Suvari), Jane’s self-centered friend and fellow cheerleader who captures Lester’s gaze and confirms Jane’s most embarassing fear. “I need a father who’s a role model,” not some horny old guy who’ll go after every friend she brings home. Not that Angela’s innocent herself. Lester may fantasize about seeing her naked in a field of rose petals on his ceiling, but Angela knows she’s got the power to turn him inside out and isn’t afraid to use it. One throwaway comment from her and suddenly Lester is pumping iron and has renewed his lust for life.

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