Ali G Indahouse (2002)

Ali G Indahouse (2002)
  • Time: 88 min
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Mark Mylod
  • Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael Gambon, Charles Dance


Ali G unwittingly becomes a pawn in the evil Chancellor’s plot to overthrow the Prime Minister of Great Britain. However, instead of bringing the Prime Minister down, Ali is embraced by the nation as the voice of youth and ‘realness’, making the Prime Minister and his government more popular than ever.

One comment

  • Some funny bits, but overall not worth it. One could say I had very high expectations as he is an extremely funny comedian so maybe I was a little bit disappointed with the result. “Ali G” is a funny character, but you cannot compare it with “Borat”, “Bruno” or his role in “The Dictator”. Yes it was funny, but I was expecting to have more laughs.

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